This page gives access to the message archive in FTGate and allows messages from the archive to be forwarded to other addresses. This can be used to locate messages between given time periods for specific address or with specific entries in the subject.

The page also contains a preview page which will display the first 2KB of the message.

There are more features available in the stand alone archive tool FTGate Archive.

Messages in the list may be selected and then redirected to a mailbox. This will cause the message to be delivered without any filtering being applied.

Finding archived messages

To locate a message select the start and end dates for the search and then enter text for the from, to and subject, then click find.

When searching for a message a partial match system is used.

e.g. to find messages from you could search with the from line set to:


but NOT *

Selecting Messages

There are a number of options to select messages for forwarding or resending.

Clicking on a message will select the specific message and deselect any other selected messages.

Clicking on a message, then holding down SHIFT and clicking on another will select both messages and the messages between them.

Clicking on a message, then holding down CTRL and clicking another message will add the message to the selection

Pressing CTRL-A will select all the messages.