Logging Into FTGate

In order to protect your valuable data from brute force sign in attacks FTGate requires that all sign in attempts use the full email address of the user. Failure to do this will result in mail clients reporting password errors.


If you previously signed in using the name “fred” and your domain is “mydomain.com” you will now be required to sign in using “fred@mydomain.com”


If your email client cannot use the @ character for SMTP and POP3 login then you should use the # character instead.

POP3 Low security option

You can maintain user login with just the username by enabling the “Low Security” option in the POP3 service settings. This option is available if there is only one local domain configured. Thus users with a “root.login” domain must delete that domain before “low security” login can be performed. With the “low security” option selected users can still use the high security login described in the above paragraph. This allows users to be transferred to the new high security login before the option is disabled.


If you delete the root.login domain that was created by the installer then you will need to define a new administrator. See Web Administration