Path to outbox

Location on the hard drive where messages are stored prior to delivery or collection.


Allow SMTP authentication and POP3 access using the following name and password

Password Hold flagged messages

This option causes messages that have been flagged by the filter system to be held. Flagged messages will not be delivered by either SMTP or POP3.

Virtual address mode

Only accept mail for address in the domain address book. Each address entry will use one mailbox licence.

Filter Policy

This is the filter policy that FTGate uses to filter messages arriving into this domain.

Host name :

Name used to identify this machine on the Internet (EHLO/HELO name)

Fast Expire

This option prevents outbound messages that are a result of a bounce or a filter from queueing in the outbox. When enabled, delivery of such messages will be tried once, and any failure results in the message being deleted. Thus the domain or outbox will not fill up with undeliverable spam rejections. However, it is possible that a legitimate bounce could be deleted if the target server is down, although this is very unlikely.

Promote 4XX Failures

This option causes a 4XX level SMTP send error to be treated as a 5XX error and rejected the message rather than cause it to queue. This option is disabled if MX delivery is enabled and is not compatible when sending to servers that have gray-listing enabled. Its primary use is for ISP’s who use remote domains which don’t reject bad addresses but issue a 4XX try again later message, causing the domains to fill up with undelivered junk.

Debug Logging

Create debug log. Additional information will be written to the log file showing the SMTP session used to send the messages. Note, this option has no effect if the system logging level is not set to debug. See Logging

Disable access to this domain before

Access will be prevented before this time

Disable access to this domain after

Access will be prevented after this time

Throughput Restrictions

This sets the maximum size of the mailbox. When this size is reached mail will be temporarily rejected.