FTGate as an MX relay

The Internet DNS system allows mail servers to designate which servers will accept mail for a particular domain. Often it is desirable for an administrator to configure additional machines that will accept mail and hold the mail for later delivery to the main server. This permits the administrator to shut down the main server without the loss of incoming mail or in the event of a network problem, store mail until the problem can be resolved.

FTGate permits two methods for configuring backup MX relays.

Administrator managed MX relay

In this type of relay the administrator manually configures FTGate with the domain names that will be stored and relayed, and the location to which messages will be delivered.

Configuring a manual MX relay

  1. Install FTGate onto the relay server
  2. Create a Remote Domain in the name of the Domain to be relayed (Creating Domains)
  3. Configure the new domain to deliver mail to the primary server (Remote Domains)

Auto-Cluster Managed MX Relay

This relay configuration allows the relay server to download its settings directly from the primary FTGate server. Thus any changes to the primary server are reflected onto the relay server. This is especially useful for hosting companies or ISP’s who have many domains to manage and many relay servers to configure.

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