Upgrade Protection and Support Plan

At FTGate Technology, we aim to provide the most secure, most advanced and feature-packed mail server available, so we usually release new updates with the latest security features every few months. The internet is constantly evolving and consequently the Internet Standards are updated and changing all the time. New email security issues arise all the time, and FTGate evolves to deal with these developments, in order to give you the best protection for your network.

The FTGate Upgrade Protection and Support Plan (UPSP) has been developed in response to customer requests for an inexpensive annual payment Plan which will keep their organisation always up to date with the latest version and enable them to continue to receive the highest possible quality of support..

Advantages of the UPSP:

  • Continuous product support
  • Ability to keep pace with changes in internet standards
  • No unexpected costs when new versions are released
  • Access to new features without price restrictions
  • Maintaining the latest anti-virus, anti-spam and other security updates
  • Access to UBEBlock+ anti-spam Enhancements

If you maintain your FTGate UPSP, you will ensure that your organisation will always have the latest version of FTGate without any additional cost during the term. You will never again have to worry about unexpected costs of keeping your mail server up to date.

With the initial purchase of your FTGate starter license, you will receive a full year of upgrade protection and support free of charge.

Lapsed UPSP

The Upgrade Protection Plan runs from 1 year from the date of the initial purchase of FTGate or renewal. If at the end of the UPSP period you decide not to renew the plan then you will no longer be eligible for technical support or any updates or patches. You will also be unable to use the UBEBlock+ anti-spam enhancements.

After the renewal period has expired, a normal upgrade charge will apply. UPSP renewals will run from the expiry date of the original UPSP.