SmartPop delivery problems

Users of SmartPop may find that they have delivery issues after first installing the system. This is often to inappropriate handling of the message headers by the ISP.

Please read the following article to put the rest of this discussion in context: SmartPop limitations

The problems fall into two types.

1. Modified addresses in the header

ISP’s that add a delivery line but modify the real address of the message.

For example:

The message is addressed to but the ISP adds a tag line of

In this case the real address is present and a filter can be used to restore the address.

In this example a new filter would be added to filter/routes with the entry

from: *

to: xxx-*

route to: *

This removes the modification and allows the message to be delivered correctly.

2. ISP using the x-recipient for their own purpose

Some ISP’s use the x-recipient (or equivilent) to provide their internal routing and this can result in SmartPop being unable, in automatic mode, to deliver the mail correctly. Typically, the message header will contain something like


where maildrop is the account name you have at your ISP.

In this case the ISP has decided to use the special received tag for their own purpose, that means that it does not include the name of the original addressee, just the name of the catch all mailbox. The solution to this is to disable the feature in SmartPop and live with the potential loss of BCC mail.

You need to switch SmartPop into Manual mode (SmartPop/Delivery).

Disable all options except:

Filter Ids

Scan Message Header (+options 3 and 4, not 1 or 2)


Your mail will now be delivered normally with maybe the exception of BCC mail which may or may not get

bounced depending on your domain settings and what the email actually has in its header.

Please note that any subsequent failure is not the result of FTGate but the result of ISPs using POP3

for a purpose for which it was not designed.