Access Control Lists

Access to all the resources in FTGate are controlled by Access Control Lists (ACL). An ACL consists of a set of one or more local account Id’s (email addresses) and some access rights associated with them.

If an email address is a member of an ACL then it may access the resource which is controlled by the ACL. For example the WebAdmin interface can only be accessed by members of the System Admin ACL, or a shared folder can only be accessed by users who are in the shared folders ACL.

Some ACL lists do not have any options to limit their access. For example all members of the System Admin ACL can access WebAdmin with no restrictions, while a folder user may only have read access to a folder, in which case they will be unable to delete or otherwise change the folders contents.

If a group address is added to an ACL then all members of that group have access with the rights associated to that group. Thus if the sales group has read access to the sales contact list then all members of the sales group also have read access to the contact list.

ACL conflicts

ACL conflicts occur if a user who is a member has access to a resource via more than one ACL entry, for example if they are in two groups that are both listed in the ACL. In this case the user is assigned the highest access rights for the resource.