FTGate includes SmartPop which is a technology which allows FTGate to collect mail from an ISP’s POP3 mailbox and be able to correctly deliver almost any message without the user needing to make any configuration choices beyond turning SmartPop on.

When delivering messages in its automatic mode SmartPop can do the following:

  1. Deliver messages for users who have mailboxes directly to them and prevent duplicates from being delivered.

  2. Deliver mail for unknown users of a local domain in accordance with the configured domain settings which includes bouncing the email with an undeliverable report.

  3. Return incorrectly addressed email as undeliverable or send it to a special recipient.

FTGate also includes the option to bounce mail that is too large, thus preventing FTGate from using up too much bandwidth and telling the original sender why their message was not delivered.

These changes now give SmartPop the same flexibility of delivery as SMTP.

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