The security policy tab allows for the configuration of the specific security policy features that will be used all services using the policy.


If the policy is enabled, all services that use the policy may run depending on their specific options. When the policy is disabled ALL services using the policy will be stopped.

Policy Service Control

Services that use this policy will only be available if their service type is enabled

Any service that uses this policy must have its service type enabled in the policy. If the service type is disabled in the policy then that service will not run.

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Login attempts

This option defines how many POP3/IMAP login and SMTP authentication attempts that can be made before an IP address gets a temporary or permanent ban. This option is controlled by the LL flags.

Ban Period

This option specifies how FTGate should handle automatic bans. The period of a ban maybe 5 minutes or permanent.

Greylist SPF Bypass

This option causes an IP address that has been validated by SPF to bypass the greylisting process.

SPF Softfail Promote

This option causes any SPF check that results in a softfail, indicating that the domain administrators dont care if its valid or not, should be treated as fails and rejected.

Permit Spoofing

This option disables the anti-spoofing measures in FTGate. When this option enabled FTGate will allow any un-authorised connection to send mail using a locally hosted email address.

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