The unique FTGate replication service is the ultimate ISP or networked multi server administration tool. It allows a network of  FTGate servers to be automatically configured from one or more master servers (either Professional Edition or ISP Edition). Not only will this greatly reduce the time spent configuring servers but it will also lead to greater peace of mind knowing that the management tasks are automated, you only need worry about getting the main server right.

This system was developed in close collaboration with a large ISP so that this tool would be perfect for the task. We think that you’ll be amazed at how easy you can manage an entire network.


The following are the steps needed to configure a network of FTGate servers

Choose one server to be the master server

  1. Add a groupware connector service to the master server.

  2. Enable the service

The master server is now ready.

For each of the slave servers

Create an AutoCluster Client

  1. Set the required address of the master server

  2. Set the required username and password.
    This must be the username and password of an administrator on the master server.

  3. Set the frequency of checking for updates

  4. Enable the client

From now on the AutoClusterwill regularly connect to the master, look for any updates and make any configuration changes to itself required to maintain its operating state with respect to the master server.

Job Done ! From now on the administrator only needs to manage one server.


The AutoCluster Client have several modes to allow the administrator maximum configuration flexibility

  • Remote Mirror Mode
    This mode is designed to manage inbound relay servers. The master server has multiple remote domains that are configured to deliver mail to a third party server. The slave servers will all replicate the domains and use the same delivery options. Each domain can have different options and does not need to follow DNS Domain Name Server: A server that answers queries regarding the names and addresses on the internet. MX host routes.

  • MX Relay Mode
    The master server is configured to host one or more local domains (a domain with mailboxes). Each slave will configure itself to transfer mail for those domains straight to the master server.

Please note that the AutoCluster will NOT copy mailboxes from one system to another.

AutoCluster Settings


Host name :

Address of the master server

Port :

The port on which the client will connect to the master server

Login name :

Enter the login name for the master server

Password :

Enter a password, and repeat it as a check, to use for the mailbox.

Inactivity timeout :

The period of time from the last communication until the connection will be closed.

Update interval :

The period between connections to the master server.

Encryption :

This setting specifies whether the master server is set to encrypted mode

AutoClusterMode :

This mode controls how the AutoCluster will create domains based on the master server.

  • Remote mirror mode

  • MX mode