Lost administrator passwords

When the software was installed one of the email accounts created on the server was set to be the administrator. In order to log into the WebAdmin service you need to use the email address and password of the account that was set as the administrator.

In the event that the none of the administrators can remember their passwords it is necessary to override the login protection of WebAdmin. In order to prevent this being a trivial action, and thus rendering the use of the user account and password meaningless it is necessary to have the user take an action that only a system administrator can perform, thus ensuring that the person making the changes is actually authorised to do so.

In order to override security you need to override the login options with the FTGate.conf file settings.

If you do not have an FTGate.conf file you should create a text file called FTGate.conf with the following contents

"anylogin": true

After making changes to the conf file you should restart FTGate. You can then log in as admin@~FTGate with no password.

To revert back again set the anylogin option to false