List Members

This page configures the data source used to supply the list addresses.

Member Source

You can configure this mailbox to use an SQL query to obtain the members list, or to use the explicitly defined members list.

  • This mailbox uses the following members list
    The members are held in the FTGate database and managed through a list display. Members can be imported and exported using the Import export Options on the list page.
  • Use the following ODBC search to obtain the list members
    The members are held in an SQL database

Import Format

Data can be imported in either vCard format with multiple entries supported, or in CSV format with the following fields:

address, nick name , first name , lastname , company, phone

fields must be in order with at least address and nick name, so the minimum format would be

address, name



FTGate allows administrators to create a database from an external database of addresses held in an SQL database.


A system DSN that can be used to open the connection to the database


The SQL statement used to return the address list from the database. The returned data must include fields named ‘name’ and ‘address’.

To use an external SQL list you need to configure a DSN connection and an SQL statement that will retrieve the addresses for the message. The DSN must be a System DSN.

The SQL query results must contain the columns ‘Name’ and ‘Address’. Thus if the database does not contain these columns the SQL statement should create them in the returned data set.


In the DSN box


in the Sql box

SELECT email as address, customername as name FROM customerlist WHERE wantmailing=1