System Folders :

Specifies the location of the system folders.

  • Configuration folder
  • Cache folder
  • Script library folder
  • Backup folder

Safe Mode :

If the system is in safe mode then only Web Admin is available. No servers (SMTP, POP, IMAP, etc.) are running.

System Restart :

Clicking this button will restart FTGate. There will be a pause whilst FTGate restarts and you will be required to go through the Web Admin login to continue administering the system.

Sql Whitelist:

Checks each address against an SQL database and considers it whitelisted if any records are returned:

connection string example:

Driver={Sql Server};Server=ipaddress;Database=dbname;UID=sa;pwd=password;

sql query example ($address$ is replaced in the query with the email address to be tested:

SELECT email from customers where email='$address$'