Mail client auto-configure allows users to configure their mail client by just entering their email address and password into the client. This makes it very simple for users to connect to the mail system and many mail clients have implemented one or more auto-cofngure systems.

Unfortunately each mail client seems to want a different setup for auto-configure so the administrator has to do some configuration of their system (mail and DNS) for it to work.

DNS changes

All mail clients will look first to the DNS server to find the information needed for autoconfigure. There is an extensive list of settings that need to be entered. The following is an example you can modify to your own needs.

Assuming the domain name is
and the FTGate servers IP address is the DNS records you must add are

mail A
 autoconfig A
 _imap._tcp SRV 0 1 143
 _autodiscover._tcp SRV 0 1 80
 _submission._tcp SRV 0 1 25
 autodiscover cname mail
 imap cname mail
 smtp cname mail
 pop3 cname mail

FTGate Changes

There are very few changes to make to FTGate. You also need to go into each of the services in FTGate that you want exposed and make sure you complete the
auto-configure hostname field,this is so that the services know what they are called during the autoconfigure phase and can tell the client when it asks what name to connect to.

Making these changes should allow you to autoconfigure almost any mail client.