To local domain General tab allows for the configuration of the general settings:

Path to outbox
This specifies the location on the hard disk where the mailbox messages are stored. Each mailbox has a folder in this location named after the mailbox.

Limit number of mailboxes in this domain
This allows the administrator to limit the number of mailboxes that can be created in this domain. This is used to limit the number of mailboxes that can be created when a domain has a local administrator.

Mail for Unknown Users

This section states the action that FTGate takes when this domain receives messages that do not have a local mailbox.


  • Reject message and send a notification

  • Send to the Postmaster

  • Send to the Postmaster as an attachment

  • Forward to the Internet

  • Forward to an email address


This signature is added to all outbound messages.

  • None
    Do not add the signature to messages

  • Start
    Add the signature to the beginning of the message

  • End
    Add the signature to the end of the message

Signature Message

If you leave the Plain text box empty a text version of the html entry will be added. If you leave the HTML text box empty an HTML version of the Plain text entry will be added