Controls the method used to validate login requests


The password is held (encrypted) in the FTGate database.

Active Directory

Enter the domain and user ID used to validate the password, or leave this field blank to use the domain setting and mailbox name. WinNT://domain/mailbox.


If the domain is to be managed via active directory, and the domain name matches the active directory domain name, then the ID field can be left blank.

SQL Database

Enter the DSN and SQL command used to validate the password

If this option is selected then FTGate will authenticate users against an external SQL database

When using an external ODBC database the SQL statement will be checked to see if any records are returned. If one or more records are returned then the user will be treated as authenticated.

There are tokens that can be used in the SQL statement to permit it to be customised to the individual account being tested.

$NAME$ = the name of the account (e.g. fred)

$ADDRESS$ = the email address of the account e.g.

$PASSWORD$ = the password being tested by the login

Thus an example would be

SELECT * FROM users WHERE name=’$NAME$’ AND Address=’$ADDRESS$’ AND password=’$PASSWORD$’