Details to log

Specifies the level of details to include in the event log. Debug includes the most detail while Critical will have the least


It is unadvisable to run a busy system with debug logging enabled unless you are trying to diagnose a problem. Debug logging produces a large amount of logging information and this must be written to the log file. This has the effect of reducing most tasks to the equivalent of a single thread as only one task can write to the log at any given time. Thus busy systems should not be run in debug mode without good reason.

Log path

Specifies the path to be used when creating log files


Billing logs create a record in a fixed format of all emails sent and received

  • Do not create a billing log

  • Create new billing log each month

  • Create new billing log each day


Send the administrator a message for events of the following level.

Billing Log Contents

The billing log is a comma separated value file with the following fields:

  • Date

  • Time

  • In/Out

  • MessageId

  • Sender

  • Recipient

  • Size