Service failed to start

When FTGate is first installed it is possible for their to be port conflicts between FTGate and other software. This can prevent FTGate being able to start all of its services.

In the event of this problem it is necessary to determine which application is using which port so that the problem application can be disabled or reconfigured.

You can determine which application is using which port by opening a command prompt and typing

netstat -o

You will then see a series of lines similar to this:

netstat -o

Active Connections

  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID

  TCP    THOR:1110              THOR.ftgate.lan:3407   ESTABLISHED     1688

You can then look for the line for the problem port and look at the PID.

So we can see that on the local machine (THOR) port 1110 is being used by the application with PID 1688

You can then open the task manager (right click on the task bar and select task manager) and locate the task with the indicated PID. If the PID column is not being displayed in the task manager, Click View/Select Columns and check the PID box.

This will tell you what application is using the port so you can shut it off.

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