Privilege sets are associated to mailboxes. They restrict the amount of allocated storage, the availability times, and feature access.

Each privilege set support configuration of the following options:

Quota tab

These settings restrict the amount of data in each mailbox.

Enable quota

Control how much mail is permitted in a mailbox

Message limit

This is the maximum number of messages permitted in the mailbox

Allocated storage

This is the amount of storage available to this mailbox. (MB)

Quota Notification

Controls if a notification is sent when the quote is exceeded

Max message age

Specifies the maximum age of messages permitted in this folder (in days)

Time Tab

These settings restrict the availability times for mailboxes

Enable availability restriction

Controls the times and dates for which the mailbox is available

Restrict times

Only allow access between the following times

Restrict days

Only allow access on the following days of the week

General Tab

Passwords must be at least 8 characters long

Passwords must be a mixture of letters and digits

Allow access to Web Mail

Allow access to the connector

Allow access to POP3

Allow access to group shared resources

Authentication Tab

After SMTP authentication

These are the relaying options that the SMTP accepts after success authentication of this mailbox’s address and password.

  • The sender’s address must be the authenticated address

  • The sender’s address must from the same domain as the authenticated address

  • The sender’s address can be any valid email address

Access Tab

Options that relate to both WebMail and SolSight

Allow modification of personal details

Allow modification of password

Allow user to create and delete address books

Allow access to contact history tracking information

Allow modification of Out of Office method

Allow access to Calendaring

Allow access to message rules

  •  Allow creation of forwarding rules

  •  Allow creation of auto response rules

Allow uploading of attachments for auto responses and calendar messages

Allow access to Local Admin to manage the local domain

Allow local admin to modify the local domain filters