Managing Domains

All mailboxes in FTGate are arranged into domains. There are two types of domain which provide different domain level functions.

Local Domains

A local domain contains mailboxes and all their associated settings. Each mailbox can be individually accessed by a user. The mailbox count for this type of domain is the total count of user and list mailboxes hosted by that domain.

See: Local Domians/Overview

Remote Domains

A remote domain is a mailbox that stores all mail for that domain to delivered to a different server in a single mailbox. This is usually used in a store and forward environment for either a hosting company or in the DMZ  section of a firewall. The mail can be collected using POP3  or forwarded via SMTP to another server.

The mailbox count for this type of domain is 1 regardless of the number of actual addresses used by this domain.

A remote domain may also include a virtual address list to prevents the server from accepting badly addressed messages. When in virtual address mode FTGate will consume 1 mailbox count per address.


Alias Domains

Alias domains allow all mail for the named domain to be processed by another domain.

e.g. Many companies have multiple domain names in order to protect their corporate identity. If you company had the domains and you would create a Local Domain or Remote Domain called and then create an alias called All mail for will then be delivered to Alias domains do not use any mailboxes.