Address Books

Address books can be shared and accessed either through Web Mail, LDAP and SolSight.

You can also send an email to an address book to have it distributed to each of the members of the address book.

Each group mailbox also maintains a shared address book that contains and can be accessed by all members of that group. The primary example of this is the everyone group mailbox, that contains all the mailboxes in a domain and has a shared address book called members.

Mailing an address book:

To send an email for distribution through an address book list you will need to configure your mail client to authenticate against the SMTP server. IP based authentication is not sufficient.

Send the message to ABName/ If you have access rights for this address book  the message will be distributed.

LDAP address book searches:

You can search all or some of your address books including those shared by other users. You will be required to use LDAP logon in order to use LDAP.

In order to search all your address books you should ensure that the search BASE string is blank.

In order to search a specific address book you should specify the address book email address as the BASE.