Support FAQ

The following guidelines will help us to give you the best possible service when you request support from the FTGate Technology team, and will result in your problem being resolved in the shortest time. If the problem is reproducible then please describe the method you use to reproduce it and please include a debug log file showing the problem. By following these guidelines you will make it easier for us to give you a fast solution to your issues.

UPSP Status

Before contacting support please check that your Upgrade Protection and Support Plan is up to date and that you have installed any current version updates and patches. Users who require support but do not have a valid UPSP will be required to renew their UPSP before support will be made available.

Support Forums

General issues will be dealt with most quickly by posting to the appropriate section of the support forum. The support forum is tied into our email support system and your postings will receive the same speed of response through the forums as they will through email. Please don’t post to the forums and also send the same request by email.  You can visit the forums here

Email support

When contacting support you will receive an automated response that includes useful information and a tracking code [e.g. [FST0412001]]. Please use the tracking code when replying to messages from support as it will help us to track your issue. Failure to do so will result in a fresh code and will most likely end up with a different support specialist who will ask you for information you may already have supplied. Support requests should be emailed to

Debug Logging

Before sending messages to support please make sure you have set your logging level to debug
(In Configuration click Logging, then in Details to log select Debug).
If we ask for a log file then please locate the folder containing the logs (In Configuration click Logging, then find the path in Log path), then locate the file for the day of the incident [e.g. 20040101.ftlog] and then send the file to us. It is preferable to zip the file as it may contain content that will be rejected by our content filters and may be very large.

Sample Emails

If we ask for examples of an email then ideally we would like the message source file [e.g. f04030115595401C3.txt (zipped)] The reason for this is that forwarding a message with your mail client will often remove items from the header, or even reformat the message completely. This makes it difficult to give advice.
When sending log files and messages please make sure that the log file actually contains the time period for which the messages or incident occurred. If the log and messages are mismatched there is no way that we will be able to help.

Screen shots

If you are asked for a screen shot, please follow this procedure.
Go to the page that is requested.
Press the Print Screen/SysRq key on the keyboard (this is the third from the right on the top row of most keyboards)
Open Windows Paint.
Click Edit/Paste
Save the image to a file.
Attach that file to the message that you send us. (You can zip the file if you wish).