Configuring Google Cloud for FTGate

The following steps are required to access Google Cloud from FTGate.

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Dashboard
  2. Click Select a Project
  3. Click New Project
  4. Enter a Project Name
  5. Click Create
  6. Wait for the project to complete
  7. Set the User Type to Internal if possible
  8. Click Create
  9. Enter an App Name
  10. Enter User Support email and Developer Contact email addresses that are in your organization
    This must not be FTGate support, we will not process notifications from Google about your account.
  11. Click Save and Continue
  12. In the Scopes Section click Save and Continue
  13. In the Test Users section add the email addresses you wish to access, this should include the email address used in the FTGate UserName field.
  14. Click Save and Continue
  15. Click Back To Dashboard
  16. Select the Credentials section
  17. Click Create Credentials
  18. Select OAuth client ID
  19. Set Application Type to Web application
  20. Set a Name
  21. Add the URI listed in  the FTGate RedirectURI (See notes below)
  22. Click Create
  23. Do not close the next screen until you have copied:
    Your Client ID to the FTGate Client ID
    Your Client
    Secret to the FTGate Client Secret
  24. Click OK

Save the changes in FTGate. You are now ready to proceed with Authorisation

RedirectURI notes

Google will not permit the use of an URI containing an IP  address for the redirect except for

If your server does not have a public dns address then we recommend using the service to fake a uri from an ip address.

For example, if your server was located at you would connect your browser to
This would then resolve to your local IP address
(dont worry, its not a website, it just returns the IP address you use through dns)

You can then connect and complete the Authorization process.