Server serial number

The serial number of the PC generated from the PC’s system information

Mailbox Limit

The maximum number of mailboxes supported by the current licence

Mailboxes Used

The number of mailboxes used in this installation

Mailboxes Remaining

The number of mailboxes that can be created

Upgrade Protection and Support Plan (UPSP) expiry date

The date at which the UPSP will expire

The UPSP expiry date is automatically updated when FTGate checks for new versions. However, in the event that after UPSP renewal, FTGate is unable to contact our servers you may have to update the expiry date manually. In this case you should temporarily remove the registration key from FTGate and then add it back in. Then perform a manual activation. Please note that you must create a new activation key in order for the UPSP expiry date to be updated.

Registration Keys

These are the registration keys installed on this server. All of the keys need to be activated in order to be functional.

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