Moving to a new server

To migrate, or move, FTGate to another machine without losing any mail or needing to re-configure, follow these steps:

Old Machine

  1. Go to Configuration/System, note where FTGate stores the backup files. This is where you will find your latest backup file (.fdb2)
  2. Go to Configuration/Spooler, note where the Spool Path is located. This is where mail messages are stored.
  3. Stop FTGate
  4. Backup the Spool folder

This information is the Configuration (database) of FTGate as well as the mail, log and archive folders.

New Machine

  1. Copy the latest backup database file from the old machine to the new
  2. Run the latest installer and select to restore a backup
  3. Select the backup from step 1 and finish the wizard
  4. After FTGate starts, stop it again
  5. Copy the spool folder from the old machine to the new machine
    Note that if the drives differ then the spool location will be different.
  6. Start FTGate

Log in to Web Admin and check that the settings are OK.