Name of the mailbox


Location on the hard disk where messages folder attachment and drafts are stored for this mailbox


Enable/disable the mailbox. Disabled mailboxes cannot send or receive messages.

Privilege set :

This option select the privilege set that will be used by this mailbox

Configure this account as a spam trap

This option configures this mailbox as a spam trap. All messages which includes the spam trap mailbox as a recipient are rejected by the SMTP server(s).

User can only send to local addresses

This option prevents the user from sending a message to an external (internet) address.

Send Copy

This option creates a hidden BCC on all mail sent from and causes it to be sent to the specified address. This can be used for monitoring of outgoing mail form this mailbox.


This extends the functionality of IMAP and defines the behaviour of message deletion in SolSight Web. When enabled, deleted files are actually copied to the trashcan folder and then deleted and expunged from the original folder.