Delivering SmartPop mail to domain users

SmartPop can collect mail from a single ISP Multi-drop Mailbox and distribute the mail to all addressees of the message. It is recommended that SmartPop is placed in its automatic mode when used with a multi-drop mailbox. In the majority of cases automatic mode will be able to correctly deliver all messages. However, some ISP’s do not configure their servers in the most appropriate way for handling multi-drop mail. In this case manual configuration of the options may be required, in which case we would recommend contacting for further guidance.

To configure SmartPop for automatic mode

    1. Select Clients

    2. Click on the SmartPop name

    3. Click on the Delivery tab

    4. In Delivery Control, set Mode to Automatic

    5. Click Apply

    6. In Associated domain,  select the required domain

    7. In Unknown recipient, select Reject
    8. Click Apply