Filter options

These flags govern which filter elements are enabled. The indented options will not run if the parent option is disabled.

Filter Control

Which messages are to be filtered

  • No filtering

  • Do not filter messages from Whitelisted addresses

  • Do not filter messages from Authenticated addresses

  • Do not filter messages from Authenticated or Whitelisted addresses

  • Filter all messages

When filtering

Options that are applied to messages that to be filtered

Filter message content :

The action to be when messages have text or HTML components

  • Do not filter message content

  • Apply policy rules

Filter attachments :

The action to be taken when attachments are included in a message Do not filter attachments

  •  Apply attachment filter to messages

  •  Apply attachment filter and purge HTML scripts from messages

Check messages against UBEBlock+ database :

This option causes the messages to be checked with UBEBlock+ database. This causes a deeper message scan to occur looking for content that is known to be from spam sources.