Product Support

As a valued customer of FTGate Technology we will endeavour to give you the best possible product support service. FTGate Technology as an outstanding reputation for product support and pride ourselves in the speed and accuracy of our support responses.

Included with the purchase of FTGate is 12 months Upgrade Protection and Support Plan (UPSP)to ensure that your system will always have the latest updates available. Members of the UPSP are eligible for unlimited email support.

Supported  Versions

Customers who have a valid UPSP and therefore are entitled to high quality support are also able to obtain the latest versions of the software without charge. Therefore FTGate Technology only support the latest version of FTGate available at the time of requesting support.

UPSP support options

FTGate users with a current UPSP can obtain support in the following manner:



Or visit our FTGate Support Forum