Forwarding Messages

When messages arrive in a users mailbox it is often required that the message is sent or copied to another address. This is performed with mailbox Inbox Rules.

The following steps are used to create a forwarding rule.

  1. Open the users mailbox in WebAdmin or WebMail

  2. Go to the Inbox Rules page

  3. Type the name of the new rule e.g. forwarding to joe

  4. Click add

  5. Click on the new rule

  6. Check the apply to all messages box

  7. Change to the Actions tab

  8. Check Forward to the following address

  9. Enter the required address e.g.

  10. If you want to have the message deleted after forwarding, check the delete message option

  11. Check the Rule Enabled option

  12. Click Save

This rule will forward all mail arriving in the mailbox to joes email address.