FTGate History

FTGate Technology was established in 1994, you can be confident when purchasing FTGate that the product is built on the extensive experience of one of the longest and most respected suppliers in the industry.

Historical time line for FTGate:

  • Jan 2009
    FTGate6 released

  • July 2007
    FTGate5 released

  • June 2005
    Company renamed to FTGate Technology Ltd

  • November 2004
    FTGate4 and SolSight released

  • March 2003
    FTGateRelay V1.0 Released (FTGate3.22 engine)

  • Feb 2003
    FTGateUbeBlock V1.0 released

  • Jan 2003
    FTGateOffice/FTGatePro V1.2 Released (FTGate3.2 engine)

  • Sept 2002
    FTGateOffice/FTGatePro V1.1 Released  (FTGate3.1 engine)

  • Dec 2000
    FTGate3 released as FTGateOffice and FTGatePro V1.0

  • Sept 1998
    FTGate V2.0 released

  • April 1997
    First Internet sales of FTGate V1.0

  • Jan 1997
    RBGate renamed FTGate

  • June 1995
    First sales of RBGate begin

  • Nov 1994
    Work started on First Mail server (RBGate)