Accessing FTGate Webmail

In order to access FTGate Webmail you should first make sure that the FTGate Web Mail service is started in the Services page of FTGate.

You should then start your Web browser and enter the IP address of your server into the address box. This will take you to FTGate Webmail.

Accessing FTGateWebmail from the Internet.

If your server does not have a real internet address but is actually behind a NAT router then must configure the router to connect incoming connection to the FTGate machine on port 80 and open any Firewall ports that are needed. Please see your router users guide for details on how to do this.

You must also alter the security policies to allow access to FTGate from the Internet.

You should then enter the IP address of either you FTGate machine, or Router/Firewall into the browser in order to connect to FTGate Webmail.