The local domain Mailbox tab displays a list of the mailboxes hosted by a domain. Clicking on a mailbox name will open a new window allowing access to the mailbox options.

Clicking the Alias button allows the creation of a mailbox alias.

Mailbox Types

There are 7 types of mailbox in FTGate and each has a specific function:

  • User Mailbox
    These mailboxes are accessed using the POP3 , IMAP or FTGate WebMail . They can also be used, through the use of the mailbox rules to provide file Library functions and Robot functions.
  • List Mailbox
    These mailboxes are used to manage mailing lists and to distribute messages between a large groups of users on the Internet. They offer various control options and the ability, if required, to take their address list from an external SQL database.
  • Group Mailbox – Project Mailbox
    These mailboxes hold a collection of local addresses into a group. Messages to the group will be received by each member of the group. In addition any access rights granted to the group mailbox A list of mailboxes that are part of a domain. Messages to a group mailbox will be delivered to all members of the group. A group can also be used when assigning permissions causing all of the members of a group to inherit those permissions. are inherited by all members of the group.
  • Null Mailbox
    This is a system mailbox that deletes all messages sent to it
  • System Mailbox
    This mailbox handles internal system messages and UBEBlock training requests
  • DSN Mailbox
    This mailbox handles error returns from the internet for all List Mailboxes that are set to auto manage their members
  • Alias Mailbox
    This represent another name for one of the other mailboxes. Mail addressed to an alias mailbox will be delivered to the mailbox that the alias represents.

Only User and List Mailboxes count to the total number of mailboxes used in FTGate.