UbeBlock Training

How to configure for first use

By default FTGate creates a Default Domain filter policy. This filter policy has a set of rules pre-configured but its is untrained. We recommend that the following method be used for the initial configuration of the UbeBlock ratings.

  1. Connect your mail client to the IMAP port

  2. Open the shared folders and find the UbeTrainingNotSpam folder

  3. Go into your sent items folder and find 30 messages that cover a broad spectrum of the type of emails that you send and receive.

  4. Copy them into the UbeTrainingNotSpam folder

Now UbeBlock is primed with a base set of the language used in your messages. Messages that do not fall into this category will be marked as spam. Messages that get through can be dropped into the UbeTrainingSpam folder to improve detection rates.

How to train

Two training methods:

b) By dropping the message into the appropriate IMAP shared folder .

Access to the shared folders can be configured in the Local domain options.

This is the recommended training option.

b) By sending a message to the system mailbox

e.g. system@mydomain.com

  1. The message sender must be
    i)  authenticated by IP or AUTH
    ii) have access rights to the spam training system

  2. The message must have a subject of “spam” to train as spam

  3. The message must have a subject of “notspam” to train as not spam