The Migration tab provides configuration options that control the automatic creation of mailboxes in the domain. When Migration is enabled and an unknown user attempts to log into POP3, IMAP or SolSight Web, FTGate will use the migration options to verify the users details, and if the verification passes a mailbox will be created for the user.

Migration options

No migration

All mailbox management is controlled directly by the administrator

Active Directory

Create account using Active Directory details.

FTGate will verify the users mailbox name and password against the listed active directory domain. If the account exists then a mailbox will be created and the password authentication options set to verify with the active directory account.


Create account and get mail from a POP3 server, if a successful login occurs.

FTGate will attempt a POP3 login on the specified server. If the login is successful then the account will be created and the password stored. Any mail on the other server will then be downloaded to FTGate and placed in the new mailbox.

Migration message

Insert this temporary migration notification into mailbox during migration process.

This places the specified message into the users mailbox during a POP3 migration operation so that the user knows that the mail is currently being collected.