Important notice to customers who are upgrading to FTGate 7

The format of the FTGate 7 spool folder has been changed and after the upgrade it will be unreadable by older versions of FTGate. In the unlikely event that you wish to revert back to your current version of FTGate then you MUST backup your spool folder completely before installing FTGate7. Then if you wish to restore the old version you must delete the spool folder first to remove the new directory structure and files. Any mail received by FTGate7 will be lost due to this process.

Upgrade process

  1. Shut down your current FTGate and exit the FTGate Icon
  2. Backup the spool folder (if desired)
  3. Copy the latest backup config to your desktop
  4. Copy the FTGate7 installer to your system
  5. Run the FTGate installer
  6. Allow the installer to complete and if required install any of the prerequisites requested
  7. Launch FTGate
  8. From the Wizard select to Upgrade or Restore
  9. Close the browser window
  10. Click the … button in the restore tool
  11. Select the backup configuration from step 3 (note the file browser type will require you to select the fdb file type)
  12. Click the Restore button
  13. FTGateRestore will now upgrade and restore your configuration.
  14. FTGateRestore will then restart FTGate.
  15. Click the Close button
  16. You can then double click the icon to sign into webadmin/webmail
  17. The upgrade is complete.