Activating a Licence Key

Note: Activating a licence key on two servers is a violation of the EULA and FTGate Technology reserve the right to disable a server should its licence be activated on a different server.

Activation of FTGate is a requirement of using this software. The procedure is simple using a Wizard.

If there are any problems during activation, then please contact describing your problem and including a copy of your log file and your registration licence key.

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Activation FAQ

  • When do I need to activate?
    You need to activate an FTGate server when you install it for the first time, move FTGate to a different machine or re-install the operating system.
  • How do I reactivate after moving the server?
    To reactivate your server on the new hardware you should follow the original activation procedure.
  • Can I reactivate under a different account/email address?
    No once a licence has been activated it cannot be moved to a different registered user. However, you can alter your registration settings including the email address and password from the members wesbite.
  • Do I need to contact FTGate Technology in order to reactivate?
    There is no limit to the number of auto activations you can make. However, You can only reactivate manually 3 times without having to contact FTGate Technology. This allows a system admin to create a new server in the event of a severe failure. However, after the third activation you will have to contact us to reset the system for you.
  • What can I do if I have lost my members account password?
    If you visit the members website there is a link for lost passwords. Following this link will cause the password to be emailed to your account.
  • My server has stopped what can I do?
    If you stop and restart FTGate it will run for one hour before stopping, this will allow you to continue while you activate the server.