General Tab


The name of this item


Controls if the service will respond to connections


The address on which the server will listen for incoming connections.


The port on which the service will listen for incoming connections. Only one service can listen on any given address:port combination.

Options Tab

Filter Policy

This is the filter policy that FTGate uses to filter messages arriving into this server.

Create debug log

This option causes additional log information for this particular service to be included in the log file

Encryption Tab

Require encrypted authentication


Specifies the level of encryption required when communicating with this service (requires a valid encryption certificate)

  • No encryption

  • Encrypt all data using SSL

  • Allow encryption using TLS

  • Require encryption using TLS

Encryption certificate

This encryption certificate will be used when encoding data using SSL and TLS

Security Policy Tab

Security Policy

Selects the security policy that is to be used by this service. All other options in this section are shared between POP3 services See Security Policy, SMTP

Access Tab

Access restriction

Controls who can access the service

  • Allow access to everyone

  • Restrict access to the following addresses

Service Access List

Lists the users who are permitted access to this service. These addresses must be for mailboxes hosted on this server.