Service Types

FTGate support the following service types


The SMTP protocol is the method used when a mail client (such as Thunderbird or Outlook™) or a mail server sends a message to a server. It is the primary method used to transfer mail around the Internet.


This is the most common method used by mail clients to retrieve mail from a server. It is a very basic protocol and it is not intended for use as a mail store for more than one email address. However, ISP’s often see this a cheaper alternative than an SMTP feed and thus often use it in this way. See SmartPop


This protocol is used to supply web (HTML) pages to Web browsers. This protocol is used to power both the SolSight Web interface and Web Admin.


This protocol is used to provide LDAP directory access to mail clients. It is search based and a common confusion is that, when first connecting to an LDAP service, no results are shown until a search is performed.


This protocol allows Web browsers to access pages on the Internet through FTGate without their having a direct connection to the Internet.


This protocol is a more advanced protocool that POP3 and allows a mail client to access mail stored in a mail store. The mail remains on the server where it can be backed up. This protocol allows sharing of folders with some restrictions on behaviour depending on the mail client used. See  IMAP considerations


This protocol is used by the FTGateMonitor utility