Database support

FTGate supports data storage in either its own database or in an ODBC database.

[currently tested with MySql and MSSql]

To configure FTGate for ODBC database operation you need to do the following:

  1. Install the database software on the machine that is to host the database

  2. Create a database called FTGate

  3. Open the ODBC database configuration tool in the windows control panel

  4. Create a new  SYSTEM DSN called FTGate and attach it to the database provider and set it to select the FTGate Database (from step 2 above)..

  5. Remove the contents of the FTGate Config folder.

  6. Create a text file called ftgatedb.dat

  7. Edit the file to contain the following















  8. Set DBTYPE to be either MySql or MsSql depending on the database type you are using.