FTGate2009 SR1

Updates in this release

  • Archive viewing and handling improved
  • SmartPop layout improved
  • Added support for ‘&’ character in the phrase lists
  • Modified SMTP so that SMTP AUTH overrides PTR, RBL, HELO and SPF failures.
  • Customising the sign in has been simplified
    Customising SolSight Web
  • New sign in box created
  • Made Anti-Virus self test at startup an optional action
  • Added fast expire option to the Outbox and Remote domains
  • Added DNS timeout control so users can now set the DNS timeout
    DNS Servers
  • Added a 4XX promotion option
  • Bug fixes

Update 6.0.002

  • Improved spam detection
  • Added spam fingerprinting and auto-update of fingerprint files
  • Fixed auto-update notification formatting.