The FTGateIcon runs in the tray area of the server PC and supplies the administrator with a rapid method to do the following:

  1. See the running state of FTGate
    image3.gif – FTGate is running normally
    image4.gif – FTGate is suspended and requires attention
    image5.gif – FTGate is not running

  2. Start and Stop FTGate
    Right click on the Icon (shown above) and select Start FTGate or Stop FTGate

  3. Open the Status Windows
    The status window shows and warning or critical events that have occurred since FTGateIcon was started.
    To show the status windows right click on the Icon and select Show Status

  4. Run the Monitor
    Right click on the Icon and select FTGateMonitor to start the monitor

  5. Start WebAdmin
    Right click on the Icon and select WebAdmin to launch a browser window and access WebAdmin