WebAdmin Login Messages

After logging onto WebAdmin the following error messages may be displayed

Error Code



The FTGate server is currently running in its 30day trial mode. The number of days of trail remaining are indicated. To remove this licence you should install an existing licence key or purchase a licence key.


The FTGate server 30day trial has finished and the server requires that a registration key be installed and activated in order to continue use of the server.


The server has been suspended for the indicated reason


The FTGate server is licensed but not activated. In order to continue using FTGate it should be restarted and the server activated.


The server has one or more un-activated licence keys and will stop working one hour after it was last restarted.


The servers UPSP is expiring or has expired. You should renew the UPSP as you no longer have support and upgrade protection.


UBEBlock+ is disabled due to UPSP expiry.


There is an update available for installation


An error occurred while checking for updates


The FTGate anti-virus start up test failed. Your anti-virus product is either configured incorrectly or not installed.


Your anti-virus product is scanning the spool/inbox. This can cause problems if the anti-virus product blocks access to the file that FTGate is using. It is recommended that this folder be excluded from the on demand/access scanning in your anti-virus product.


The version you have is a beta test version that will cease to operate on the specified day. Beta version are regularly updated so you should either perform an auto-update or check regularly for manual updates in the support forums.