Registration Overview

In order to use FTGate beyond the 30 day trial period you are required to purchase and register a registration licence key. The licence key defines the number of mailboxes that can be used on the server.

Licence Types

The licence keys come in two types:

  • Starter Packs
    These licence keys enable all the server functionality and set the number of mailboxes initially available on the system
  • Additional Mailbox packs
    These licence keys add additional mailboxes to a server. However, a starter pack must already be installed on the server

Mailbox Count

When deciding on the number of mailboxes you will need you should add up the number of User and List mailboxes and also the number of remote domains. The total will be the licence size you require.


  • 1 domain with 45 user mailboxes and 5 lists ( =50)
    Total = 50 mailboxes
  • 1 domain with 10 mailboxes and 1 list (=11)
    1 domain with 35 mailboxes and 3 lists (=38)
    3 remote domains (=3)
    Total = 52 mailboxes


To see how many mailboxes you are currently using

  1. In Configuration, click Registration
  2. In Allocated, read the current number of mailboxes used

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