FTGate offers considerable improvement in the facilities offered when sending any pre-configured message such as a system notification, message bounce, mailbox rule message or list server response.

The administrator can now specify if a message will be sent, the character set used by the message and the message body. This is further enhanced as the message body can be written in HTML and FTGate will detect the <HTML> tag at the start of the message body and format the email appropriately.

Thus a message of

This is a test message


would be sent as plain text


<BODY><B>This is a test message</B></BODY>

would be sent as an HTML message.

Macro Expansion

FTGate includes some expandable macros that can be used to make the message body specific to a particular message condition or mailbox as follows:

Message that System Message is in response to:










Virus message:




Mailbox that System Message is about:






Group mailbox tracking message:



List mailbox messages when in distribution list mode



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